Wayne Maxwell reflects on QLD & looks to Wakefield Park

Wayne Maxwell & Adrian Monti
Boost Mobile Ducati

Trevor Hedge: I’m here with the McMartin Racing Squad at Wakefield Park after what turned out to be a fairly productive day guys? (This interview was conducted during a test earlier this month)

Wayne: “Yeah it definitely was, we were thankful for the weather to hold off to give us some dry laps really, just before lunch and in the afternoon. I think we got four sessions which was pretty good. We worked through most of what we wanted to achieve for today and I think we got a bit of a plan. Obviously last year we had a pretty good bike here, so just trying to improve that in little areas I think. A little more consistency over the race.”

Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park, seen here talking with crew chief Adrian Monti

Trev: And did you find anything of marked difference today Adrian, that you want to continue development path towards race weekend?

Adrian Monti: “That’s what we spent a fair bit of today looking through, we were looking at the bike as we raced here last year and tried to see the things we learned throughout the season last year, as to how they applied at this circuit. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t. We’ve got the data for all those sort of things, and we can try and explore those further. See what direction we can go in tomorrow.”

Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park
Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park

Trev: It really looked in Queensland Wayne, as though a lot of your mid corner speed had deserted you, that’s where it looked as though you were really deficient to some of the other guys, have you come to a realisation as to why that was ?

Wayne: “Yeah I didn’t know it earlier, I had to find out just before here, that’s the development path. Obviously our bike was amazing at Phillip Island, and was amazing at Tailem Bend last year, it was good here last year, it was good in Darwin. So I’m sure we’ve got a rough idea now, a bit more data, the more tracks we go back to for the second time and try stuff that’s worked at other tracks. You know it’s not necessarily going to work for us here, so yeah, we’ll just keep going and we’ll just change it a little bit. It’s a small window on the V4 R and when you get it right, it obviously works really well, and when you don’t, well we’ve seen the result in Queensland.”

Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park, seen here talking with crew chief Adrian Monti
Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park, seen here talking with crew chief Adrian Monti

Adrian: “And further to that, we struggled in Queensland from Friday morning and I thought we’d change a few things in regards to how we approached Friday and that was my mistake, we went in the wrong direction, and we never really recovered.”

It was clear the Boost Mobile Ducati boys were chasing front end set-up all weekend in QLD
It was clear the Boost Mobile Ducati boys were chasing front end set-up all weekend in QLD

Trev: It was amazing to see how much you guys had the fork internals in and out of the bike during the sessions, let alone inbetween. It’s something I haven’t really seen you do on the run like that path before, so to see you chasing more geometry there than electronics set up, certainly stood out.

Adrian: “We just changed the approach to how we went to find a lap time. It was different to how we did it everywhere else over the last two years, but we won’t be doing that again.”

Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park

Trev: Obviously you guys have quite a sophisticated electronic set-up compared to most of the others, how much time have you been spending on that today, on engine brake control, or mapping or anything else? Anything you can share with us, to shed any light, or are you going to play those cards close to your chest?

Adrian: “Of course we definitely use logging, and electronics do play a big part in our bike, but I challenge the assertion that it’s more advanced, I think the MoTeC ECU that ASBK has on offer, has many more parameters than what we have to change . We have one traction control parameter, they have about twelve. So is it more advanced, no, does it work well? Yes.”

Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park

Trev: You can use sector based tuning on your bike I believe, but on the MoTeC firemware allowed by ASBK they have locked that functionality out.

Adrian: “There’s multiple ways everyone can tune their ECU in different directions, but the MoTeC in the right hands is a very capable ECU.”

Trev: Even with the ASBK firmware locking out sector by sector?

Adrian: “Even with the way it is now.”

Trev: Are you using sector by sector a lot here today?

Adrian: “Nah.”

Trev: Just the same engine brake the whole lap, etc? Was that the same as Phillip Island and Queensland?

Adrian: “Yeah we tried it a bit last year but we’ve just been sticking to bare bones and basic, just to try and keep things simple.”

Wayne Maxwell testing at Wakefield Park

Trev: I mean obviously it’s a probably endless rabbit hole you can disappear into if you really want to spend endless amount of time and laps at the circuit to try and fine tune it, if you did want to use the sector-based mapping. But I guess we just don’t really have that amount of time…?

Adrian: “This is the thing, we’ve got limited testing, limited track time, and we want to try and make every session count. And as I said we tried to do things a bit differently in queensland, it didn’t work, so we’ve gone back to how we did it last year.”

Trev: You’re confident you’re back to where you were?

A: “Yeah.”

Trev: We’ll see you back here on race weekend, to see the results from what you’ve learned from today…

The third round of the 2022 Mi-Bike Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike Championship roars to life on the weekend of April 23-24 at Wakefield Park, Goulburn, NSW.

Alpinestars Superbike Championship Points

Pos Rider Total
1 Mike JONES 86
2 Bryan STARING 70
3 Josh Waters 67
4 Wayne MAXWELL 64
5 Glenn ALLERTON 61
6 Arthur SISSIS 57
8 Daniel FALZON 51
9 Troy HERFOSS 47
10 Anthony WEST 47
11 Aiden WAGNER 47
12 Mark CHIDO 37
13 Broc PEARSON 31
14 Beau Beaton 27
15th Matt Walters 24
16 Max STAUFFER 23
17 Jed METCHER 20
18 Chandler COOPER 15th
19 Michael EDWARDS 12
20 Luke JHONSTON 7
21 Corey FORDE 3

ASBK Wakefield Park Schedule

Wakefield Park Raceway, NSW
ASBK Round 3 – Official Schedule
Friday 22nd April
0730 0750 (SSP300, R3, OJC) Briefing 1 20 mins
0800 0815 (SBK, SSP) Briefing 2 15 mins
0900 0920 R3 Cup FP1 20 mins
0925 0950 SSP600 FP1 25 mins
0950 1015 (Aussie Racing Cars) Briefing 3 20 mins
0955 1015 SSP300 FP1 20 mins
1020 1050 SBK FP1 30 min
1055 1110 bLU cRU FP1 15 mins
1115 1135 R3 Cup FP2 20 mins
1140 1205 SSP600 FP2 25 mins
1220 1240 Aussie Racing Cars Practice 20 mins
1240 1255 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Rides 15 mins
1255 1315 SSP300 FP2 20 mins
1320 1350 SBK FP2 30 min
1355 1410 bLU cRU FP2 15 mins
1415 1435 R3 Cup FP3 20 mins
1440 1505 SSP600 FP3 25 mins
1510 1530 SSP300 FP3 20 mins
1535 1605 SBK FP3 30 min
1610 1625 bLU cRU FP3 15 mins
1640 1700 Aussie Racing Cars Qualifying 20 mins
Saturday 23rd April
0900 0920 SSP300 Q1 20 mins
0925 0950 SSP600 Q1 25 mins
0955 1015 R3 Cup Q1 20 mins
1020 1055 SBK T 35 mins
1100 1115 bLU cRU Q1 15 mins
1120 1140 SSP300 Q2 20 mins
1155 1215 Aussie Racing Cars R1 18min+1Lap
1215 1300 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Ride & Autographs Podium 45 min
1300 1320 R3 Cup Q2 20 mins
1325 1350 SSP600 Q2 25 mins
1355 1410 bLU cRU Q2 15 mins
1415 1435 SSP300 R1 10 Laps
1440 1455 SBK Q1 15 mins
1455 1510 ASBK TV Track Time Media 15 mins
1510 1525 SBK Q2 15 mins
1530 1545 bLU cRU R1 6 Laps
1550 1610 R3 Cup R1 8 Laps
1625 1645 Aussie Racing Cars R2 18min+1Lap
Sunday 24th April
0900 0905 bLU cRU WUP 5 mins
0910 0915 SSP600 WUP 5 mins
0920 0925 SSP300 & R3 Cup WUP 5 mins
0930 0940 SBK WUP 10 mins
0950 1010 Aussie Racing Cars R3 18min+1Lap
1020 1050 SSP600 R1 16 Laps
1055 1115 SSP300 R2 10 Laps
1120 1200 SBK R1 20 Laps
1205 1220 R3 Cup R2 8 Laps
1235 1255 Aussie Racing Cars R4 18min+1Lap
1255 1335 Lunch – ASBK Pitlane Walk 40 min
1335 1350 bLU cRU R2 6 Laps
1400 1430 SSP600 R2 16 Laps
1440 1500 SSP300 R3 10 Laps
1510 1550 SBK R2 20 Laps
1600 1615 R3 Cup R3 8 Laps
1625 1640 bLU cRU R3 6 Laps
* ASBK Live TV coverage ^ ASBKTV Live Stream

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2022 ASBK Calendar

Round 1 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC 25 – 27 February
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC, SBK Masters
Round 2 Queensland Raceway, Ipswich QLD 18 – 20 March
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC, Sidecars
Round 3 Wakefield Park Raceway, Goulburn NSW 22 – 24 April
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC, Aussie Racing Cars
Round 4 Hidden Valley Raceway, Darwin NT 17 – 19 June
* With Supercars – SBK Only
Round 5 Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick QLD 5 – 7 August
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC
Round 6 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Cowes VIC 18 – 20 November
Round 7 The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend SA 2 – 4 December
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC
ASBK Night of Champions Dinner – The Bend 4 December

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