WA youngster steals spoils in Maxxis MX3 category at Gum Valley

2022 Penrite ProMX Championship
Round Two – Gum Valley, Mackay
Maxxis MX3

With Mark Bracks – Images RbMotoLens

The MX3 class is only in its second year – and due to the plague induced interruptions this is only the fifth event to be held for the category since inception. However, the depth of the fields, the quality of the racing and the talent on display is a testimony that it was the correct decision to reshape the development class into its current format.

Byron Dennis, Ryler Fitzpatrick and Kobe Drew flying high at Gum Valley

The 13-18 year-old young-guns demonstrated incredible talent at Gum Valley, lapping only a few seconds slower than their more experienced peers in the other two classes. How they handled the daunting lay-out on the weekend was extremely impressive.

The class was over-subscribed once again, with 51 entries meaning 11 unfortunate souls had to miss out on the main game. As such the non-qualifiers had two consolation races of 12-minutes + one lap.

The opening Maxxis MX3 moto had drama before the race started.

On the warm-up/sighting lap, Sandgroper Brock Flynn (Husqvarna Racing) – who was second on the points table behind Honda rider Cambell Williams leading into this round – had a monumentally spectacular crash as he charged into the downhill turn two that was strewn with braking bumps.

Kayden Minear

The Husky’s rear wheel hit one of those bumps awkwardly which kicked the bike sideways, then another bump close by compressed the suspension, before it then unloaded and unceremoniously spat Flynn over the bars. The bike tumbled end over end with Flynn barrel rolling behind it about fifty meters down the hill before coming to a halt beyond the track limits.

Connor Towill

Worryingly, he lay motionless in the foetal position for an extended time before he moved after being attended to by RaceSafe. Astoundingly, he managed to seemingly shake it all off and remount, and ride back to the start gate, no doubt his body still pumping with adrenalin.

MX3 gets underway amidst the lush backdrop of Gum Valley

The gates then dropped and 40 riders charged to the ultra-fast, right-hander that led onto the circuit proper. It was 14th fastest qualifier, Queenslander Ryan Alexanderson (Motorex KTM Factory Racing) that pocketed the $100 Matrix Stands Hole-shot award to lead the teenagers in their 20-minute + one lap heat.

Ryan Alexanderson (Motorex KTM Factory Racing)

Alexanderson, who was sixth overall after Wonthaggi, had Western Australian Kayden Minear (KTM Junior Factory Team) in close proximity with Conor Towil (KTM Newcastle) also getting a good start to leap up to second past Minear. However, Towil’s charge was short-lived as he then made a mistake that saw him drop way down the field to eventually finish 15th.

Ryan Alexanderson (Motorex KTM Factory Racing)

Alexanderson extended his lead over Minear to four-seconds by the fourth lap and looked set to check out, but 14-year-old Minear was like a terrier and wouldn’t give up, hanging onto his roosts and working away to slowly cut the lead down to just a second as the pair gapped the rest by over 20-seconds.

Cambell Williams

Queenslander Jack Mather (Husqvarna), who was second fastest in qualifying, had a moment on the opening lap to drop to seventh, before hauling up to fourth after five laps behind title leader, Williams.

Ryan Alexanderson (Motorex KTM Factory Racing)

Williams didn’t get the best of starts and dropped to fifth, before fighting back to third from Mather and looked set to close down the leaders, but a three mistake laps from home saw the pair swap places with Mather scoring that third place.

Ryan Alexanderson (Motorex KTM Factory Racing)

While there was plenty of position changes in the top ten, Minear ran out of laps to overhaul the leader, Alexanderson hitting the line a second in front of the Sandgroper with Mather a further 30-seconds away in third.

Ryan Alexanderson (Motorex KTM Factory Racing)

As for Flynn, he managed to complete six laps of the race before the took control and forced his retirement, he headed to the medical truck and took no further part in the action after being transported to hospital for a once over with suspected pain rib damage . Considering the nature of the accident, he was fortunate to get a relatively minor injuries.

Maxxis MX3 Moto One Results

Pos Rider Bike Gap
2 Kayden MINEAR (WA) KTM SXF 250 +1.184
3 Jack MATHER (QLD) Husqvarna FC 250 +30.513
4 Cambell Williams (NSW) Honda CRF 250 +35.848
5 Seth BURCHELL (NSW) Yamaha YZF 250 +36,065
6 Jet ALSOP (QLD) KTM SXF 250 +36.069
7 Myles Gilmore (WA) Yamaha YZF 250 +37,219
8 Byron DENNIS (NSW) GasGas MC 250 +37,435
9 Jake CANNON (QLD) Yamaha YZF 250 +45,379
10 Cooper HOLROYD (NSW) Yamaha YZF 250 +55.316
11 Ryley FITZPATRICK (QLD) GasGas MC 250 +01m04.6%
12 Connor ROSSANDICH (NSW) KTM SXF 250 +01m16.4
13 Hixson MCINNES (NSW) Honda CRF 250 +01m21.5
14 Liam JACKSON (NSW) Yamaha YZF 250 +01m27.5
15th Connor TOWILL (NSW) KTM SXF 250 +01m30.2

Maxxis MX3 Moto Two

Leg two of the Maxxis MX3 class was another stellar race where we will witness a battle between two West Australians far from home, that have grown up together competing on the brutal sand tracks of the west.

Kayden Minear leads Myles Gilmore

Minear grabbed the hole-shot from Myles Gilmore (Yamaha) and the pair set up yo-yoing with each other for the 12 lap duration moto. Gilmore would get oh so close, but Minear was not to be denied, hanging onto the lead to cross the finish line in front at every lap.

Kayden Minear

With a few laps to go the gap between the leading pair was just on a second and just when it looked like a grandstand finish was imminent, Gilmore dropped off the pace in the final laps with a couple of slides and a few moments leaving him to claim second, as Minear became the youngest winner of an MX3 race at the ripe old age of 14.

Kayden Minear chased by fellow sandgroper Myles Gilmore

The respect between the pair was on display after the chequered flag as they fist-bumped each other and gushed about their duel.

Williams was third for the entire race, but at no point threatened the leaders as the gap increased from 3.6 seconds at the end of the opening lap, to nearly half-a-minute by race’s end.

Kayden Minear - Image by RBMotoLens
Kayden Minear victorious in the second moto ahead of fellow sandgroper Myles Gilmore – Image by RBMotoLens

Maxxis MX3 Moto Two Results

Pos Rider Bike Gap
1 Kayden MINEAR (WA) KTM SXF 250
2 Myles Gilmore (WA) Yamaha YZF 250 +14.288
3 Cambell Williams (NSW) Honda CRF 250 +27.488
4 Jet ALSOP (QLD) KTM SXF 250 +39.616
5 Byron DENNIS (NSW) GasGas MC 250 +43.21
6 Thynan KEAN (VIC) Honda CRF 250 +46.649
7 Ryan ALEXANDERSON (QLD) KTM SXF 250 +01m05.9
8 Ryley FITZPATRICK (QLD) GasGas MC 250 +01m09.0
9 Jyle CAMPBELL (NSW) Yamaha YZF 250 +01m36.5
10 Connor ROSSANDICH (NSW) KTM SXF 250 +01m40.4
11 Koby HANTIS (NSW) Yamaha YZF 250 +01m52.0
12 Deacon PAICE (WA) KTM SXF 250 +01m31.1
13 Cody KILPATRICK (NSW) Kawasaki KX 250 +01m57.0
14 Hunter Collins (NSW) +01m38.2
15th Hixson MCINNES (NSW) Honda CRF 250 +02m01.3
MAXXIS MX3 Overall Podium
1st – Kayden Minear
2nd – Ryan Alexanderson
3rd – Campbell Williams

Maxxis MX3 Round Points

Pos Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Total
1 Kayden MINEAR 22 25 47
2 Ryan ALEXANDERSON 25 14 39
3 Cambell Williams 18 20 38
4 Myles GILMORE 14 22 36
5 Jet ALSOP 15th 18 33
6 Byron DENNIS 13 16 29
7 Ryley FITZPATRICK 10 13 23
8 Connor ROSSANDICH 9 11 20
9 Jack MATHER 20 20
10 Thynan KEAN 4 15th 19
11 Jyle CAMPBELL 5 12 17
12 Seth BURCHELL 16 16
13 Hixson McINNES 8 6 14
14 Jake CANNON 12 12
15th Cooper HOLROYD 11 11
16 Koby HANTIS 10 10
17 Deacon PAICE 9 9
18 Hunter Collins 2 7 9
19 Cody KILPATRICK 8 8
20 Liam JACKSON 7 1 8
21 Deegan MANCINELLI 3 3 6
22 Connor TOWILL 6 6
23 Ryan King 5 5
24 Kobi WOLFF 1 4 5
25 Koby TATE 2 2
Kayden Minear victorious in the second moto ahead of fellow sandgroper Myles Gilmore – Image by RBMotoLens

Maxxis MX3 Standings Top 15

Pos Name Machine Total
1 Cambell Williams Honda 88
2 Kayden MINEAR KTM 82
4 Byron DENNIS GasGas 65
5 Jet ALSOP KTM 60
6 Jack MATHER Husqvarna 55
7 Myles GILMORE Yamaha 50
8 Thynan KEAN Honda 45
9 Brock FLYNN Husqvarna 40
10 Cooper HOLROYD Yamaha 30
11 Connor TOWILL KTM 30
12 Seth BURCHELL Yamaha 26
13 Jake CANNON Yamaha 26
14 Ryley FITZPATRICK GasGas 23
15th Koby HANTIS Yamaha 22

2022 Australian ProMX Championship Calendar

2022 ProMX Championship Calendar
2022 ProMX Championship Calendar

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