Favorite Ride: Des Moines River Loop

The author and his BMW R 1200 RT at Ledges State Park. There are some great roads in central Iowa around the town of Boone, which is about 45 miles north of Des Moines. This ride crisscrosses the Des Moines River on a series of county highways and backroads, offering a nice selection of curves … Read more

Speed ​​Read, April 3, 2022

Deus leads the charge this week, with a Royal Enfield sporting the same style as their earlier builds. Plus we look at a vintage BMW restomod from Bolt, a Sportster desert racer from Rusty Butcher, and a new electric motorcycle from the Ukraine. Royal Enfield Interceptor by Deus ex Machina The most striking thing about … Read more

Behind the scenes: Designing the Batman motorcycle

There’s a sense of self-sufficiency that’s deeply ingrained in the Batman mythos. Bruce Wayne has no superpowers—just his intellect, combat skills and gadgets. That, and a Batcave full of fantastical vehicles. The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, offers a darker and grittier take on the caped crusader than we’ve seen before. … Read more

How To Save On Motorcycle Insurance: 11 Creative Tips

Having insurance on a motorcycle is important, and in most states in the US it’s mandatory. And that makes sense because motorcyclists are more susceptible to injury because of the lack of protection they provide compared to a car. I’ve insured over twelve motorcycles in the last few years during my motorcycle flipping days. I … Read more

Vintage Norton Motorcycles: Two Wheels: the Model JE Norton

–JdK– Manuel Garriga contacted us a while ago about the JE Norton. He wrote an article about the bike and was kind enough to let us share it on the website. Words by Manuel Garriga. Pics by Pere Nubiola. Originally Posted by Motor Clásico magazine (issue 392, Nov. 2021) By the late 1920s, sporting successes … Read more

The Long Ride | Rider Magazine

Though rarely on my bike these days, Hannah’s always along for the ride. Photo by Tristan Willey; other photos by the author. The room is dirt cheap and smells it. I’ve been on the road for five weeks now, mostly camping to save money, and as I lay on the squeaky bed counting flies on … Read more