MiniGP Australia Support category round up from SMP

2022 FIM MiniGP Australia Series
Round Two – Eastern Creek – Supports Report

With Mark Bracks – Images by RBMotoLens

Besides the two races for the FIM MiniGP Australia class, there were seven different support categories with four races each; the combined 190 cc capacity Ohvale GP0 (10” wheels) and GP2 (12” wheels) classes, Supermoto 250 and 450s, a Mini-Moto/Grom class and a Veterans class that compete on the Ohvale 190s.

Glenn Allerton leads the GP2 field

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Ohvale & Veterans

The Veterans and the Ohvale classes were the best subscribed with 12 and 15 competitors in each. The additions to the Ohvale GP0/GP2 class were the younger brigade, including leading ASBK Supersport 300/R3 Cup rider Glenn Nelson, and OJC race winner Cameron Rende.

Cameron Rende – GP2

Plus fellow OJC riders, Jai Russo (brother of Levi) and Marcus Hamod, whose younger brother, Darius competed in the FIM MiniGP class, while Marcus also competed in the 250 cc Supermoto class.

Marcus Hamod on the GP0

Reflecting the ever-growing popularity of the Ohvales with experienced road racers – as well as those kids trapped in more mature and expanding bodies – the “old blokes” class and GP2 saw three-time ASBK champ Glenn Allerton as an enthusiastic entrant.

Glenn Allerton

Joining him was long-time ASBK privateer Nathan Spiteri, who was having his first ride since his crash at Phillip Island during the opening round of the ASBK back in February. As well as accomplished classic rider Dean Oughtred, who had a dip as well. Although Deano asked for the races to be cut in half due to his supreme level of fitness!

Dean Oughtred

Other notables in the class included BMW Alliance Team co-owners Nathan Webb and Wayne Hepburn, as well as one of the FIM MiniGP Series promoters, Nick Angelopolous. Lachlan Epis – who bore the scars and band-aids from arm pump surgery three weeks ago – straddled Oughtred’s steed for a race when it all got too much for the proprietor of Dynoverks!

Nick Angelopolous

As expected, Glenn Allerton was the benchmark for both classes. However, in the opening leg of the GP0/GP2 class on Saturday afternoon it looked like he might have to fight hard, as Nelson wasn’t too far behind in lap times and right on his tail from second on the grid.

Unfortunately the Queensland teenager pushed too hard on the opening lap though, hit a bit of moisture and high-sided big time. He was launched into the air as the bike snapped back and he landed heavily, injuring his hand, forcing him to exit the meeting very dejectedly.

That incident brought out the red flag, but the re-start didn’t last long with another red flag forcing the race to be abandoned in accordance with the GCRs.

Allerton expressed his disappointment that Nelson would be taking no further part, as it was evident during the practice sessions that they would be close together on track – in the same manner that the three-time Superbike champ had done at the first round with Scott Charlton , Chandler Cooper and Alex Phillis.

Glenn Allerton
Glenn Allerton

Allerton was virtually untroubled, winning each race by a very comfortable margin. Although in the third leg he started from the rear of the grid to provide a very entertaining spectacle as he scythed his way through the field.

Buzz Kiely

One casualty of his progress was Buzz Kiely (from Race Center and mechanic for Jed Mitcher in the 727 Moto Team), who was quite surprised when Allerton went underneath him at the T6 hairpin, Kiely exiting the spectacular trackly as the bike tumbled into the tyre wall, both escaping unscathed. Kiely stood trackside and may have given Allerton a little bird but it was all good afterwards back in the pits.

Marcus Hamod

This incident was further proof of the ‘crashability’ of the Ohvale, as he was back in action for the final race.

The last leg was red-flagged after nine laps when rain started to fall and later when declared; Allerton took the win by eight seconds from Matt Watkins, with Paul Rose third.

Matt Watkins

For the Ohvale GP2 class overall, Allerton took the from Kiely and Rikki Watt.

Allerton topped the GP2 podium, ahead of Kiely and Watt

It was a repeat performance in the Veterans class for those over 35, as Allerton streaked the field in three of the four races. While Allerton was in another postcode, the rest of the field had some entertaining duels, particularly the brothers Matt and Paul Watkins, Rikki Watt, Kiely and to a certain extent Oughtred, before the fatigue set in.

Matt Watkins

By the time the last race for the Vets came about later in the day, the track was damp and cold, and only four riders headed out, Allerton not one of them. With his absence, Matt Watkins took the final win and the round from Allerton, with Kiely third overall.

Watkins wins the Veterans round overall from Allerton and Kiely

OHVALE GP-0 Results Round Overall

Pos Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 Points
1 Marcus HAMOD 25 25 50

OHVALE GP-0 Standings

Pos Rider Total
1 Marcus HAMOD 120
2 Alex PHILLIS 100
3 Glenn NELSON 80
4 Jai RUSSO 52
5 Jason CARRICK 49
6 Brad LEWIS 47
7 Oliver WATKINS 44

OHVALE GP-2 Round Overall

Pos Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 Points
1 Glenn ALLERTON 25 25 25 75
2 Buzz KIELY 17 20 18 55
3 Rikki WATT 18 18 17 53
4 Paul WATKINS 16 17 16 49
5 Cameron RENDE 15th 16 15th 46
6 Adam Banner 14 14 14 42
7 Matt WATKINS 13 20 33
8 Nathan Spiteri 12 15th 27
9 Lachlan EPIS 20 20
10 Nick ANGELOPOULOS 13 13

OHVALE GP-2 Standings

Pos Rider Total
1 Rikki WATT 113
2 Adam Banner 105
3 Buzz KIELY 103
4 Scott CHARLTON 88
5 Chandler COOPER 83
6 Matt WATKINS 82
7 Glenn ALLERTON 75
8 Glenn NELSON 71
9 Paul WATKINS 49
10 Paul Rose 49
11 Cameron RENDE 46
12 Nathan WEBB 28
13 Nathan Spiteri 27
14 Wayne HEPBURN 24
15th Lachlan EPIS 20
17 Wally COSSUTTA 12
18 Warren GATT 11

Veterans Round Overall

Pos Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 Points
1 Matt WATKINS 18 18 20 25 81
2 Glenn ALLERTON 25 25 25 75
3 Buzz KIELY 20 16 14 20 70
4 Rikki WATT 16 17 17 18 68
5 Nick ANGELOPOULOS 12 14 15th 17 58
6 Dean OUGHTRED 17 20 37
7 Paul Rose 15th 18 33
8 Paul WATKINS 14 16 30
9 Nathan SPITIRI 13 15th 28
10 Nathan WEBB 13 13
11 Jack DUNLOP 12 12
12 Wayne HEPBURN 11 11

Veterans Standings

Pos Rider Total
1 Matt WATKINS 166
2 Rikki WATT 132
3 Buzz KIELY 115
5 Scott CHARLTON 95
6 Glenn ALLERTON 75
7 Nathan WEBB 72
8 Paul Rose 66
9 Wally COSSUTTA 66
10 David Portelli 48
11 Brad LEWIS 47
12 Jason CARRICK 43
13 Wayne HEPBURN 41
14 Dean OUGHTRED 37
15th Paul WATKINS 30
16 Nathan SPITIRI 28
17 Warren GATT 20
18 Jack DUNLOP 12


The Supermoto races were superb as the two Joshes; Sydney lad Soderland, and Horsham-born McLean, had four fantastic duels, a Husky 450 vs a KTM SXF250.

Josh Soderland in the lead

McLean had recently returned from the US where he claimed an AMA title and on his smaller capacity machine really made Soderland fight hard for every win.

Josh McLean chases Soderland

McLean’s extreme competitive nature was on full display as after grabbing the hole-shot in three of the races, he made his bike as wide as the track. The contests were intense and Soderland really had to put a move on to make a pass stick.

Josh Soderland

Once in front, Soderland was able to use the extra mumbo of the 450 to break away, but it would’ve been an even greater spectacle with both on the same capacity bit of kit.

Zac Johnson

Also taking part in the class was Zac Johnson, who until last year was a top runner in the ASBK Proddie classes. Johnson muscled the RM-Z450 around, fighting valiantly to keep the pair in touch, taking second in class from renowned Sydney tattooist, Loic Barbot.

Loic Barbot

Marcus Hamod was the only other rider on a 250. If it wasn’t for a couple of crashes due to the over-enthusiasm of youth, Hamod would have figured more prominently in the overall race results, as his pace was right up there with them and gave the top three a run for their money.

Marcus Hamod chasing Zackary Johnson

A mention should also go to Supermotard stalwart Mark Cooper from Echuca who supplied a number of bikes for the round.

The 250 cc Supermoto Podium – Joshua McLean wins from Marcus Hamod

SuperMoto Pro 250
Round Overall & Standings

Pos Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 Points
1 Joshua McLEAN 25 25 25 25 100
2 Marcus HAMOD 20 20 40
Zachary Johnson and Loic Barbot on the Supermoto 450 cc podium

SuperMoto Pro 450
Round Overall & Standings

Pos Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 Points
1 Joshua SODERLAND 25 25 25 25 100
2 Zackary JOHNSON 20 20 20 20 80
3 Loic BARBOT 18 18 18 16 70
4 Liam COLBY 16 17 17 18 68
5 Gergely NAGY 15th 16 16 17 64
6 Rece OXLEY 17 17

Mini Moto/Groms

Loic Barbot

In the Mini Moto/Grom class, Barbot was untouchable in the three races he contested but he didn’t front for the last race.

Ritchie Abolins

Reece Oxley took the win in that last stanza, to add to his three second places, giving him the round win from Barbot, while Reece Oxley was bumped down to third overall.

Reece Oxley

In the background, Kenji Yamada, Max Duffy and Oxley had four great races against each other with plenty of bench racing afterwards to relive their fun duels.

Max Duffy
Pos Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 Points
1 Rece OXLEY 20 20 20 25 85
2 Loic BARBOT 25 25 25 75
3 Max DUFFY 16 18 18 20 72
4 Kenji YAMADA 18 17 17 17 69
5 Craig ARNOLD 17 16 16 18 67
Pos Rider Total
1 Craig ARNOLD 135
2 Rece OXLEY 85
3 Loic BARBOT 75
4 Ritchie ABOLINS 75
5 Max DUFFY 72
6 Kenji YAMADA 69
7 Andrew Bagnato 62
8 Paul VALENTA 49.5

2022 Australian FIM MiniGP Round 2

The FIM MiniGP Australia Series is a brilliant initiative by the FIM and Dorna, and the inclusion of Australia in the world-wide series will ensure that there will be more Aussie kids taking part in international series. This will no doubt prove to be a successful extension of the ‘Road To MotoGP’ program that has unearthed so many European-based future champions.

2022 Australian FIM MiniGP Round 2

The additional support classes are sure to expand, as the little bikes hurtling around go-kart tracks are so much fun, fairly cheap to run compared to their bigger capacity siblings and they are easy to cart around, plus did I mention the fun factor?

2022 Australian FIM MiniGP Round 2

A big positive for the Ohvales is the durability in a crash. The bikes are already fairly close to the ground, but the bike was designed to limit damage in the event of a crash, with Teflon pads on the handlebar and foot peg ends.

2022 Australian FIM MiniGP Round 2

The next round of the Australian FIM MiniGP Championship will be held at Ipswich Kart track (adjacent to Queensland Raceway at Willowbank) on August 13-14.

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