Hunter Lawrence keeps championship hopes alive with victory in Denver

2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross
Round 16 Denver Empower Field At Mile High Denver, CO

Report by Trevor Hedge – Images by Jeff Kardas

250 Heat One

Christian Craig fired off the line to the holeshot in the first heat, ahead of German Dominique Thury and Japan’s Jo Shimoda.

250 Heat One

Thury was quick enough to hold off Shimoda for the opening two-minutes of the six-minute plus one lap Heat race. It then took Vince Friese a few laps to push the German further back to fourth place.

Dominique Thury

Up front though Craig was just reeling off laps by himself, until he started lapping people that is… Craig was the clear victor by ten-seconds over Shimoda, while Vince Friese rounded out the podium

Jo Shimoda

Aussie privateer Geran Stapleton was 15th and thus had to head to the LCQ where he went on to finish fourth to earn his spot in the Main.

250 Heat One Results

Pos Rider Bike Laps/Interval
1 Christian Craig Yamaha YZ250F 9 Laps
2 Jo Shimoda Kawasaki KX250 +09.646
3 Vince Friese Honda CRF250R +17.532
4 Dominique Thury Yamaha YZ250F +19.227
5 Nate Thrasher Yamaha YZ250F +19.672
6 Derek Kelly KTM 250 SX-F +21.417
7 Jy Roberts Kawasaki KX250 +40.216
8 Devin Harriman GASGAS MC 250F +41,863
9 Mcclellan Hill Honda CRF250R +44,752
10 Maxwell Sanford Honda CRF250R +49.442
11 Jerry Robin GASGAS MC 250F +1m21.670
12 Jesse Flock Yamaha YZ250F 8 Laps
13 Carson Mumford Suzuki RM-Z250 +11.672
14 Logan Leitzel Kawasaki KX250 +15.288
15th Geran Stapleton GASGAS MC 250F +15.608
16 Wyatt Lyonsmith Kawasaki KX250 +16.641
17 Addison Emory Yamaha YZ250F +25,741
18 Cameron Barboa Yamaha YZ250F +46.188
19 Mike Henderson Kawasaki KX250 7 Laps
20 Ryan Carlson Kawasaki KX250 6 Laps

250 Heat Two

Hunter Lawrence scored the holeshot by a nose over Carson Brown and Michael Mosiman in Heat Two but capitalized on that start to leave the field behind and romp away to a clear victory. Noteworthy though was the fact that Hunter’s fastest lap was half-a-second quicker than Craig managed in the opening Heat…

250 Heat Two

Second place was Michael Mosiman, who also lapped quicker than Craig while Garrett Marchbanks rounded out the top three ahead of Chris Blose. Mosiman earned that second place after a tumble just over halfway through the race relegated him to fourth but he had the speed to climb back up to second place before the flag.

250 Heat Two Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Hunter Lawrence Honda CRF250R 9 Laps
2 Michael Mosiman GASGAS MC 250F +06,457
3 Garrett Marchbanks Yamaha YZ250F +08.929
4 Chris Bloss GASGAS MC 250F +10.255
5 Jalek Swoll Husqvarna FC 250 +16.839
6 Carson Brown KTM 250 SX-F +19.345
7 Robbie Wageman Yamaha YZ250F +19.980
8 Mitchell Harrison GASGAS MC 250F +36,443
9 Ryan Surratt Yamaha YZ250F +38.615
10 Brandon Ray Kawasaki KX250 +48.730
11 Preston Taylor Kawasaki KX250 +49.362
12 Alexander Nagy KTM 250 SX-F +54.293
13 Colby Copp GASGAS MC 250F +1:07.971
14 Joshua Greco Kawasaki KX250 8 Laps
15th Tre Fierro Kawasaki KX250 +07.759
16 Bobby Piazza KTM 250 SX-F +20.05
17 Rider Fisher Kawasaki KX250 +28.500
18 Chad Saultz KTM 250 SX-F +30.093
19 Isaiah Goodman Kawasaki KX250 +49.448
20 David Pulley Yamaha YZ250F DNS

250 Main

The form guide for the Main going off what we will witness in the Heat races, was that it would be a fight between Christian Craig, Hunter Lawrence, and Michael Mosiman and, depending on how they get away, Jo Shimoda and Vince Friese who’d also shown podium pace if things fell their way…

Going in to the Main Christian Craig only needed to finish a couple of places ahead of Hunter Lawrence tonight to clinch the 250 West Championship with a round still remaining. The two were side-by-side on the start line but it was Lawrence that got the holeshot ahead of Swoll and Craig. Craig was quickly up to second and it was the two championship challengers 1-2 with 15-minutes plus one-lap to go…

250 Main

Craig only needed to follow Lawrence home in order to take the championship at this round but he showed the young Aussie a wheel two-minutes into the race to let him know he was right there… Further back Mosiman had worked his way forward and up to third after taking Swoll.

250 Main

Craig shadowed Lawrence, piling the pressure on and even looked to have more pace in hand as he waited for his moment – or for Lawrence to make a mistake – but it was instead Craig that made that mistake! Five-minutes into the race Craig went down in the sand and had been shuffled back to seventh by the time he was back up and running.

250 Main

At half-race distance Lawrence now led Mosiman by five-seconds, Shimoda equidistant back in third while Christian Craig was back up to fifth – now three-seconds behind Shimoda and 13-seconds race leader Hunter Lawrence.

Christian Craig

With five-minutes to run all the leaders were having to deal with lapped traffic at almost every turn.

Christian Craig took third place from Jo Shimoda with two laps to go and once past left him behind with ease. Craig then started catching Mosiman before traffic ultimately halted that charge and he ran out of time to challenge for that second position, having to settle for third.

Hunter Lawrence

Hunter Lawrence was the clear victor, withstanding that early pressure from Craig and riding clean for the 26-points.

Craig’s 21-points for third place sees him head into the Salt Lake City season finale East-West showdown next weekend with an 18-point advantage over the Australian. Eight years between them in age, and 18-points the difference… Craig certainly has the upper hand heading to the final round but it’s not over until it’s over… The pair now have four wins each this season.

250 Podium

The only other winner this season has been Michael Mosiman who won the third round of the season in San Diego. Mosiman is out of the running for the #1 plate but is only 16-points behind Hunter Lawrence and not out of the contest for #2…

Victorian privateer Geran Stapleton finished the main in a highly creditable 14th, his fourth points scoring finish in the last five rounds to move up to 22nd in the championship standings.

250 Main Results

Pos Rider Bike Laps/Interval
1 Hunter Lawrence Honda CRF250R 20 Laps
2 Michael Mosiman GASGAS MC 250F +04.042
3 Christian Craig Yamaha YZ250F +07,495
4 Jo Shimoda Kawasaki KX250 +11.183
5 Garrett Marchbanks Yamaha YZ250F +25.575
6 Vince Friese Honda CRF250R +29.409
7 Chris Bloss GASGAS MC 250F +30.413
8 Robbie Wageman Yamaha YZ250F +32.444
9 Nate Thrasher Yamaha YZ250F +39,720
10 Jalek Swoll Husqvarna FC 250 +41.348
11 Derek Kelly KTM 250 SX-F +46.145
12 Dominique Thury Yamaha YZ250F 19 Laps
13 Carson Mumford Suzuki RM-Z250 +03,697
14 Geran Stapleton GASGAS MC 250F +13.117
15th Ryan Surratt Yamaha YZ250F +14.788
16 Mitchell Harrison GASGAS MC 250F +24.900
17 Devin Harriman GASGAS MC 250F +29,055
18 Brandon Ray Kawasaki KX250 18 Laps
19 Mcclellan Hill Honda CRF250R +12.654
20 Alexander Nagy KTM 250 SX-F 17 Laps
21 Jy Roberts Kawasaki KX250 +000.851
22 Carson Brown KTM 250 SX-F 11 Laps

250 Main Video Highlights

250 Post Race Press Conference

250 West Championship Standings

Pos Rider Hometown Points
1 Christian Craig Temecula, CA 215
2 Hunter Lawrence Wesley Chapel, FL 197
3 Michael Mosiman Minneaola, FL 181
4 Vince Friese Menifee, CA 144
5 Jo Shimoda Menifee, CA 144
6 Nate Thrasher Livingston, TNE 126
7 Garrett Marchbanks Coalville, UT 117
8 Robbie Wageman Newhall, CA 109
9 Chris Bloss Phoenix, AZ 106
10 Jalek Swoll Clermont, FL 93
11 Carson Brown Ravensdale, WA 84
12 Carson Mumford Simi Valley, CA 80
13 Derek Kelly Riverside, CA 78
14 Dominique Thury Schneeberg, GER 60
15th Cole Thompson Brigden, ON 50
16 Ryan Surratt Corona, CA 48
17 Mitchell Harrison Leesburg, FL 46
18 Seth Hammaker Temecula, CA 44
19 Dylan Walsh Southam, GB 41
20 Logan Karnow Amherst, OH 40
21 Devin Harriman Longview, WA 32
22 Geran Stapleton Clyde North, VIC 30
23 Kaeden Amerine Great Bend, KS 28
24 Dilan Schwartz Alpine, CA 26
25 Hunter Schlosser El Paso, TX 16
26 Dylan Woodcock Rayleigh, ENG 15th
27 Jerry Robin Hamel, MN 13
28 Mcclellan Hill Atascadero, CA 13
29 Tre Fierro El Paso, TX 10
30 Brandon Ray Fremont, CA 9
31 Justin Rodbell Prince Frederick, MD 8
32 Maxwell Sanford Pasadena, MD 7
33 Wyatt Lyonsmith Boise, ID 7
34 Jesse Flock Claremore, OK 3
35 Alexander Nagy Richmond, IL 3
36 Gared Steinke Klamath Falls, OR 2
37 Richard Taylor Woodland Hills, CA 2
38 Jy Roberts Cooranbong, AU 2

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