2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Test | Scooter Review

2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Tested

Scooter review by Wayne Vickers

Aprilia are once again back in the scooter game after a number of years without representation here down under. These new scoots add to what is a pretty handy overall product offering.

Aprilia will once again offer scooters in Australia, with the SR GT 125 now available

That now includes the lust-worthy RSV and Tuono V4s at the top and the new 660 cc parallel twin offerings of the RS 660 and Tuono 660 (that I reviewed recently). The upcoming Tuareg 660 lightweight adventure bike also promises to be pretty ace.

Aprilia’s middle-weight RS 660 and Tuono 660 have helped boost sales in the last two years, alongside the larger capacity V4s

Sales are starting to pick up for Aprilia in Australia. Even the MotoGP bike is doing well, especially when they don’t celebrate too early (actually that was painful to watch – poor bugger).

The Aprilia SR GT 125 joins the 'urban-adventurer' category which has seen scooters given dual purpose tires, and a bit more ground clearance to better tackle mixed conditions
The Aprilia SR GT 125 joins the ‘urban-adventurer’ category which has seen scooters given dual purpose tires, and a bit more ground clearance to better tackle mixed conditions

And I reckon the new scoot should do pretty well too. Mid size, nicely designed, well built, agile handling, decent performance – it ticks a lot of boxes.

Let’s have a glance at the spec sheet:

  • 125 cc single cylinder four-stroke
  • Start-Stop technology
  • 11 kw (~15hp) and 12 Nm (most power in category)
  • Double cradle steel tube frame
  • 144 kg wet weight
  • CVT box with auto clutch
  • 14 inch front and 13 inch rear wheels
  • Linked brakes when using the rear brake (front lever only activates the front)
  • Solid handlebar for more ‘big bike’ feel and dynamics
  • Decent 120 mm travel in the front and 102 mm in the rear with adjustable preload
  • 175 mm ground clearance (most in class)
  • 9 L tank will get you a fair distance based on claimed 2 L / 100 km!
  • Phone connectivity via Bluetooth and the Aprilia app
2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Scooter
The Aprilia SR GT 125 looks pretty snazzy for a small capacity scooter

All wrapped up in what I’m sure you’ll agree is a fairly snazzy looking styling package. Hopefully the pics do it justice because in the metal it looked on point. Nice paint too. Good selection of colors and graphics, which is the only real difference between the ‘Sport’ and non Sport models – ‘Sport’ gets the red wheels and Aprilia ‘a’ on the side fairing.

The standard ST GT 125 can be upgraded to the 'Sport' for $100 AUD, which nabs you red wheels and a different color scheme
The standard ST GT 125 can be upgraded to the ‘Sport’ for $100 AUD, which nabs you red wheels and a different graphics

Tough to choose between ‘Raceway Red’ in the Sport trim, or ‘Street Gray’ in standard trim. I’d probably go Street Gray… because as much as I love the look of red wheels… I know how much work they are to keep looking nice when you ride your bike a lot (which I do). It didn’t go unnoticed that the whole frontal treatment was very family derived and unmistakably Aprilia. LED lights front and rear. Nice touch.

One of the key points the local boys made sure we understood was that the ground clearance, suspension and tire spec’ were a key differentiator from some of the less well spec’d competitors.

2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Scooter
Generous ground clearance makes the SR GT 125 a more ideal option for bumping up over curbs to park, or cobbled roads in Europe

That’s a fair enough point too – the extra ground clearance and travel making it easier to get up onto curbs to park – and the extra suspension travel and wheel size soaking up some of our less than perfect road surfaces better than you might expect during our little road loop. Normal potholes, surface changes, ripples, speed bumps all taken in its stride.

You might also notice the dual purpose tires too. The design brief was to be able to tackle any road surface, from tarmac, to cobble stone European streets, to gravel backroads. And having spent a short stint onboard – I can’t see it having any issues with those. Like the bigger and more powerful Kymco DT X360 I also tested earlier this year it’s not really going to go far off-road, but gravel roads won’t be a problem.

2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Scooter
Full adventures on the SR GT 125 are still fairly unlikely

On good surfaces – such as the Port Melbourne Go Kart track, it’s surprisingly capable. While our morning started in typical damp and blustery Melbourne conditions – the track did dry out eventually and I started stepping up the pace a little later in the morning.

While you’d have to describe the suspension feedback as ‘low’, it felt super agile on a change of direction, while still being predictable and stable enough to start scraping center stands mid corner and generally clowning around a little.

2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Scooter
Fanging around a go kart track provided an opportunity to test the SR GT 125’s agility

I pushed it about as fast as you’d want to push. I certainly didn’t want to be the guy who crashed a scooter at the go kart track. Apparently that’s a thing, but what happens at the track, stays at the track.

Worth calling out how good the brakes are actually – with the ability to trail them quite deep into a corner. I was actually winding the gas on before fully releasing the rear brake which seemed to be a fairly effective way to rip around corners. Outright stopping performance is deceptively good. You can yank pretty hard on both levers and it sheds speed damn fast.

Brakes also get a nod of approval with combined braking for the rear control

Note that it doesn’t have ABS but does have the linked CBS (combined braking system) as mentioned above. In practice that means the rear brake lever on the left side will actually engage a small amount of front brake at the same time, which works well in practice and is particularly good when manoeuvring and filtering through traffic.

The engine and driveline is super smooth. Now with just a smidgen under 15 hp it’s never going to rip your arms out of your sockets, but it’s a little deceptive in terms of just how quick the CVT boxes propel you along. It has no trouble zipping off and staying in front of traffic at the lights and really would make for a great little thing to duck around town on.

2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Scooter
15 horsepower is limited by motorcycle terms but generous for a 125 cc scooter like the SR GT 125

The auto stop-start functions almost instantly. Come to a stop for more than a few seconds and the engine will shut down only to fire back up again and get you moving as soon as you twist the throttle. It’s a seamless bit of tech.

The seat is comfortable enough to enable longer trips and stand-over is easy even for the vertically challenged amongst us. I was sitting flat footed without any problems. Those longer trips would be further aided by that quite effective windscreen. Even though we didn’t get much above 80 km/h on our little circuit it seemed to be providing decent protection from the elements on what was a blustery day.

2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Scooter
The SR GT 125’s controls, including LCD dash

Underseat storage looked decent with the obligatory ‘it’ll fit a full face helmet’ line in the brochure – I’d be making sure to test yours. Yes it should. But some lids are bigger than others…

It also has a USB charging doodad in the compartment in front of your knee. Oh – and the center stand is probably the easiest to operate that I’ve sampled. Even the most spaghetti armed amongst us will have no problems flicking it on and off the stand.

2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Scooter
A USB port is also standard on the SR GT 125

All in all – it’s hard to fault. And at seven and a half big ones, I think it represents decent value for a well styled scooter from a premium brand. A bunch of accessories are available too including various top box options, heated grips, fog lights and side protection to make it yours.

Aprilia's SR GT 125
Aprilia’s SR GT 125

Aprilia SR GT 125 Specifications

Aprilia SR GT 125 Specifications
Engine 125cc, Liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke i-get, SOHC, four valve, with Start&Stop system
Bore x stroke 52 x 58.7 mm
Transmission Automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) with torque server
Clutch Automatic centrifugal dry clutch
Frame Single cradle structure in tubular steel with pressed reinforcements
Max power 15 bhp ( 11 kW) at 8750 rpm
Max torque 8.9 ft-lb (12 Nm) at 6500 rpm
Fuel capacity 9 liters
Consumption (WMTC cycle) 40 km/l
Emissions compliance Euro 5
Seat height 799 mm
Bike weight 144 kg
Front suspension 33 mm telescopic hydraulic fork (122 mm travel)
Rear suspension Hydraulic dual action shock absorber, 5-position spring preload adjustment (102 mm travel)
Front brake 260 mm brake disc with 25.4 mm dual piston floating calliper, CBS
Rear brake 220 mm brake disc with 22 mm dual piston floating calliper
Front tire 110/80 – 14, Tubeless
Rear tire 130/70 – 13, Tubeless
Price $7,440 Ride-away, Sport: 7,540 Ride-away

For more information on the Aprilia range available in Australia, see the Aprilia Official website.

Aprilia SR GT 125
Aprilia SR GT 125

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